Quality within the Stauff UK Group not only relies on our internal process but also our suppliers procedures and predominantly our customers needs.

In order to maintain quality our dedicated team are tasked to:

   • Assess, rectify and set in place actions to alleviate future repetition of customer complaints.

   • Investigation and Root Cause Analysis of Quality issues.

   • Audits of processes and procedures internal to Stauff.

   • Customer and Supplier liaison on quality matters.

   • Issuing of Product test certification and Certificate of Conformity.

   • Process improvement recommendations.

   • Undertake customer visits on quality matters.

   • Supplier audits.

   • New product developments ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Reporting) also known as
     FAI (First Article inspection).

   • Dimensional and visual quality checks of finished parts and goods inwards raw materials.

   • Technical support for customer queries.