Hydraulic Intensifiers

This quality product is used to generate high pressure from a low pressure hydraulic power source.

The intensifiers work like a small hydraulically driven piston pump and will deliver an end pressure proportionally with the supplied pressure. During pressure build up the intensifier delivers continuous flow and will stop when the end pressure has been reached. In case of a pressure drop on the high pressure side, the intensifier will automatically work to keep the pressure.

All Scanwill intensifiers have high pressure valves integrated, and the small dimensions mean that they can be positioned right in the place where high pressure is needed. This is commonly used in large systems, where a sub function requires higher pressure than the rest of the system.

The Scanwill intensifiers work in the inlet pressure range 10-200 bar and the multiple intensification ratios available (from 1.5:1 to 20:1) means most needs for end pressures can be met.

Due to their wide pressure range the Scanwill intensifiers may be used in a variety of applications.