• The STAUFF Form Tube Forming System is undoubtedly the best solution for series production procedures with highest requirements with regards to safety, reliability and repeatability as well as process stability.
  • The system consists of four components: The formed tube end, the STAUFF Form Ring with its integrated soft sealing, the standard union nut and fitting body.
  • After the end of the tube, which can be made of Steel, Stainless Steel or any other commonly used material, has been automatically brought into the right shape using the cold tube-end forming process of the electronically controlled STAUFF Form Tube Forming Machine, the standardised STAUFF Form Ring, which has an integrated soft sealing in the primary section of the connection, is applied to the tube end.
  • The optimised design of the formed tube end and the STAUFF Form Ring result in a uniform distribution of force and a large contact area for the union nut. The additional soft sealing, which is integrated in the STAUFF Form Ring, compensates settling due to mechanical loads, seals off the only possible leakage path of the connection and guarantees maximum leak tightness, even under high dynamic loads.
  • All standard components (such as fitting bodies and union nuts) according to ISO 8434-1 can be used in conjunction with the STAUFF Form Tube Forming System, which makes this to be one of the most versatile solutions available in the market and fully interchangeable with almost all existing connections.

 STAUFF Form blow out


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