The STAUFF Stud Welding System is based on welding process 784
"Stud Welding with Arc Ignition" according to currently applicable standards.

The stud is manually inserted into the chuck and placed onto the work piece.
When pressing the gun trigger, the welding process starts automatically:
A lift mechanism in the welding gun or welding head lifts the stud.
A secondary arc (pilot arc) of low current is ignited between stud tip
and work piece.
Then the ignition of the main arc is carried out between stud tip and work piece. Stud and work piece are melted.
At the end of the adjusted welding time the stud is moved to the work piece, the two molten zones join.
The power source is switched off, the weld pool solidifies and cools down.


  • Operates without high-voltage current (230V instead of 400V)
  • No heavy and expensive extension cords required
  • Extremely powerful and robust     
  • Compact in design: 465 x 330 x 350 mm (L x B x H)
  • Lightweight: less than 20kg
  • Welding current: 100 ... 650A (stepless control)
  • Welding time: 5 ... 200ms (stepless control)

Weld Gun
Type SWG-WG with tripod, weld stud retainer and distance adaptor
for STAUFF Groups 1A to 8

STAUFF Weld images