Pipework is absolutely central to the operation of a hydraulic system, no matter how small and simple or how large and complex the hydraulic system is, pipework is crucial to the overall design.

Yet it is often the case that this pipework element is the last part of the hydraulic system to be considered.

The pipework is frequently subject to modification in the process because of the demands of the layout and of the other components.

STAUFF-Line is the service offered as a package in the design, manufacture kitting  sub-assembly and managed supply of hydraulic pipework.

This service can involve STAUFF engineers throughout the design and prototype build period, working either independently or as an integral part of the project design teams and the on-site manufacturing staff to provide customers with specialist advice and support. Collecting all required information in a standard form giving an accurate end result.

Alternatively the STAUFF engineers will be invited in towards the end of the project and effectively carry out a design evaluation and instigate changes to the necessary areas to achieve specified goals.

Services may include the production of computer-aided 3D models of the future pipework, cost-benefit analyses or feasibility studies.

The specialist focus of these four divisions within the STAUFF UK manufacturing centre are brought together to offer OEMs and major suppliers, throughout Europe, an unparalleled service.