Tube Manipulation

Stauff UK Hose and Tube Technology Centre within the Carlisle Street plant at the UK Head office in Sheffield, encompasses machinery and processes that enable the manufacture of manipulated rigid pipes to the most demanding requirements.

   • Automated tube cutting

   • All forms of bending requirement
        Left and right hand bending
        Multi radii
        Fully automated CNC
        Precision hand bending

  • End forming to international standard coupling requirement
        Flaring: 10°, 37°, 45°, Flange
        Metal to Metal form
        Elastomeric seal formed ends

  • Component processing

  • Tube cleaning

  • High Pressure and impulse Testing

  • 5 axis measurement machinery:
       for both setting up production and batch sample dimensional checking.
       Essential pipe data can be read and turned into a bending programme
       within minutes.