5's diagram


Lean Manufacturing

The 5S program within STAUFF UK focuses on the establishment of visual order, organisation, cleanliness and standardisation in order to improve our profitability, efficiency, service and safety.

This program is part of, and the key component of establishing a Visual Workplace. A system of continual improvement, which is a component of lean manufacturing.

By introducing 5S and involving all departments at every level, STAUFF UK are pleased to be achieving improved profitability, efficiency, service and safety for our employees and ultimately offering improved services to our clients.

The 5S principles are:

The first step in making things cleaned up and organised

Set In Order
Organise, identify and arrange everything in a work area

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Make it easy to maintain - simplify and standardise

Maintaining what has been accomplished

The implementation of 5S in STAUFF will have the following advantages:

      Reduction of inventory
      Less time used for searching e.g. spare parts and tools
      Reduction of accidents
      Improve working conditions
      Reduction of production stand still