Stauff Rail

Rail Applications

Stauff Rail offers a range of products such as shadow boards, A frames, kitting, sub-assemblies and many other options to offer customers time and cost saving options.

At the inception of STAUFF’s relationship to supply products to rolling stock manufacturers, the very basic solution was simply that … a range of quality products that were packaged and delivered to the storeroom.

Productivity on the manufacturing lines was affected and discussions commenced to find a solution and streamline an age old method of supply to an OEM.

Over many years and many developments a range of solutions was compiled and given the title STAUFF Line. This concept has seen simple solutions including shadow boards, A frames, kitting, sub-assemblies and many other options to offer customers a time and therefore cost saving options.

The STAUFF Line concept has developed even further to also offer sourcing and supply of third party products to add to sub-assemblies and kitting, further reducing assembly on the already busy production lines.

STAUFF engineers and sales team work closely with the manufacturers design teams to also offer developments to the STAUFF products to ensure that the range is compliant with the demanding standards of passenger transportation.

RISQS Rail Industry Industrial Supplier Qualification Scheme

STAUFF UK have been certified as part of RISQS. Britain rail’s supplier assurance scheme is run by the industry, for the industry, under the stewardship of RSSB (Rail Safety and Standards Board).

RSSB's Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme features a smarter, quicker, easier platform and enhanced audit services, providing the industry with supplier assurance fit for the future.

RISQS remain central to the safe and cost-effective procurement of railway products and services, providing assurance for 90 plus buyers including Network Rail and Transport for London (TfL) to do business with confidence with over 4,000 suppliers.