Hydraulic Testers

PPC Series

Calibration flat fees


Hydraulic tester (not PPC-Pad)191,39 EUR*
Hydraulic tester (only PPC-Pad)297,86 EUR*
Sensors173,45 EUR*
Temperature sensors240,63 EUR*
Flow Meters527,53 EUR*

*Amounts in EUR/unit net according to price list 2022 of Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


By pressing the "Submit" button on this form, you agree to the calibration flat fees listed above which we will charge to you without a separate quotation (if calibration is selected as the reason for the product return).

If checking/calibration of the device reveal that repairs are necessary, we will send you a cost estimate for the repair which has to be explicitly approved.

If the cost estimate is not approved, we will charge you a flat fee of EUR 40.00 per unit for the checking.

If the cost estimate is approved, we will offset the flat fee of EUR 40.00 per unit against the actually incurred repair costs.

Please send any questions about the possibly arising costs by email to shop@stauff.com

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