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A corporate design (often called "CD") is the visual expression of how a company wants to be perceived, and therefore is the visible part of a corporate identity ("CI"). A harmonised and consistent visual appearance aids brand recognition simply by increasing the number of times stakeholders (such as existing and potential customers, but also suppliers, employees, job applicants etc.) recognise the logo and other defined brand elements. Ideally, this triggers positive emotions and thus differentiates the brand from the direct competition

There is so much more to STAUFF's visual appearance than just the STAUFF logo: The way how the corporate slogan is being used and how additional brand elements such as colours, icons, typefaces/fonts and images are chosen and applied is not left to chance or to individual taste.

The STAUFF Brand Portal provides specific definitions of all main brand elements and gives binding guidelines in order to implement and ensure the harmonised and consistent visual appearance of STAUFF worldwide.

In case that you need support, feedback or input on a specific topic, you can make contact with STAUFF Global Marketing via the STAUFF Brand Portal.

Please note: The STAUFF Brand Portal is a binding framework for internal and external communications. It applies worldwide. When related tasks are assigned to third parties such as external service providers, please make sure to provide these parties with a link to the STAUFF Brand Portal.