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Pyplok Non Weld Tube Connectors

Fast, reliable and tamper proof fittings with operating pressures over 9000 psi (620 bar).

Using a portable, hand-held installation tool, fittings are cold worked and permanently compressed onto piping. This process deforms the pipe diameter a controlled amount, thus forming a permanent leaktight seal.

  • The permanent characteristics of the TUBE-MAC® PYPLOK® system make it ideal in place of welded flanges and threaded fittings which are prone to leaks due to flexing or vibration.
  • It’s not only a permanent system, it’s also sparkless. It goes on cold. Which means all of the risks and requirements associated with “hot work” are avoided.
  • No hot work permits, no x-rays, no gas freeing, no system flushing or purging, no attached slag or contaminants enter the piping system.
  • With this easy installation method, there is a substantial reduction of system downtime for repairs.
  • Testing and qualification to all industry standards over the years has shown the PYPLOK® System to be superior to a welded system as well as being a major cost and time savings on an overall installed basis.


The Pyplok system offers leak free performance, reduced installation costs, minimises downtime and can be utilised for the following applications:

CNG - Compressed Natural Gas
CO2 Cofferdam Inerting
Condensate Piping
Deluge Systems
Down Well Coiled Tubing
Drains and Plumbing Vent
Ethylene Glycol/Water
Fuel Oil and Fuel Gas
Gases - Nitrogen, Air, Helium
Heating Coil
High Pressure Water Mist - Fire Suppression Systems
Hydraulic Oil
Low Temperature Steam
LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Lubrication and Grease
Natural Gas
Plant, Instrumentation and Utility Air
RAD Waste Systems
Solvents and Water Based Paints
Steam Tracer Lines
Waste Water


Fitting Material: 316 L Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper Nickel
Pressure Range: 5000 psi acc. to ANSI B31.3
Fitting Size Range: 1/4" to 3" NPS PIPE, 1/4" to 2" OD TUBE
Metric Sizes: 6mm to 66mm OD
Operating Temperature: Viton Seal: -15°F to 400°F (-26°C to 205°C)
EPDM EO962-90 (for steam): -60°F to 400°F (-51°C to 205°C)
Standard Seal Material: Viton (other materials available upon request)




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