STAUFF in Writing

Recommendations regarding the use of the STAUFF brand name in written form

Despite the fact that the STAUFF brand name (in Latin alphabet) is pronounced as a word and not as individual letters (like IBM for example), the preferred way of using it in written form is STAUFF in capitalized letters, and not Stauff. 

This will match the visual appearance of the STAUFF Logo, which also uses the STAUFF brand name in capitalized letters, and will make the STAUFF brand name stand out.

However, there may be exceptions to this rule: Magazines and trade journals for example often have their own policies that prohibit the capitalisation of company names.

Alternative ways to write the STAUFF brand name in other regions of the world include:

  • 西德福 (in Chinese)
  • 스타우프 (in Korean)
  • ШТАУФФ (in Cyrillic)