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Cover Plates (Standard Series)

Cover plates type DP for the fixing of pipe / tube clamps and hose clamps of the Standard Series according to DIN 3015, Part 1. Manufactured from steel with STAUFF zinc/nickel surface coating for reliable corrosion protection. Alternatively also available in stainless steel V2A 1.4301 / 1.4305 (AISI 304 / 303), V4A 1.4401 / 1.4571 (AISI 316 / 316 Ti) and aluminium EN AW-6060.

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53 Results
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-1-W3
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000255
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-1-W4
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000257
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-1-W5
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000256
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-1a-W3
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000258
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-1a-W4
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000260
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-1a-W5
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000259
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-2-W3
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000261
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-2-W4
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000263
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-2-W5
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000262
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-3-W3
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000264
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-3-W4
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000266
  • STAUFF Material Description DP-3-W5
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130000265

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