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SAE Single-Part Butt Weld Flanges (6000 PSI Series)

SAE single-part butt-weld flanges and SAE butt-weld counterflanges types BFX-ST/BAS-ST for high-pressure tubes (Schedule 80/160/XXS), BFX-STRE/BAS-STRE for high-pressure tubes (Schedule 40) and BFX-SRE/BAS-SRE for metric tubes in the high-pressure series (6000 PSI) as per ISO 6162-2:2002. Available in all common nominal sizes between DN 13 (1/2”) and DN 64 (2 1/2”). Straight and 90° elbow versions. Available in steel or V4A stainless steel. Individually or as a complete set with bolts, lock washers and O-ring.

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17 Results
  • STAUFF Material Description BAS-603-SRE-30/22-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1730001190
  • STAUFF Material Description BAS-604-ST-42.8/32-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1730002391
  • STAUFF Material Description BAS-605-SRE-49/32-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1730000304
  • STAUFF Material Description BAS-605-ST-48.6/32-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1730000991
  • STAUFF Material Description BAS-605-ST-48.6/34-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1730001042
  • STAUFF Material Description BAS-606-SRE-61/40-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1730000306
  • STAUFF Material Description BAS-607-ST-76/51-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1730001075
  • STAUFF Material Description BAS-607-ST-90/60-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1730001076
  • STAUFF Material Description BFX-602-ST-28/19-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1730000927
  • STAUFF Material Description BFX-603-ST-35/22-U-W1-FK
  • STAUFF Material No. 1700000521
  • STAUFF Material Description BFX-603-ST-35/22-W1-FK
  • STAUFF Material No. 1700000519
  • STAUFF Material Description BFX-604-ST-43/28-W1-FK
  • STAUFF Material No. 1700000540

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