Hiring instead of Buying

Hiring instead of Buying

Attractive Options for the Hire of Tube Forming Machines


Tube Forming Machines for Hire

STAUFF offers its customers the possibility to hire machines of the type SFO-F-A-A-IOT at attractive conditions. These machines apply the contour that is characteristic for the STAUFF Form EVO tube forming system to the tube end by cold forming.

The temporary hire of tube forming machines, e.g. for working on specific projects and orders, not only offers an increased level of flexibility, but also provides a significant reduction in the investment for the user. 

Different Hire Models

Usage-Based Hire („Pay-Per-Use“)

With the usage-based hire, you pay a weekly rental price for the tube forming machine.

This price already includes one tool set*. The selection takes place together in dialogue with the STAUFF Support. Of course, you can also add further tool sets for additional diameters and wall thicknesses to your hire.

In addition, a defined fee per tube forming process is due for the usage-based hire.

Thanks to the live connection of the tube forming machine to the service area of www.stauff.com, you have full transparency at all times about the number of tube forming processes carried out and charged.


Flat-Rate Hire

With the flat-rate hire, you pay a weekly rental price for the tube forming machine.

The selection of the tool sets*, which are quoted and charged separately, takes place together in dialogue with the STAUFF Support.


* Tool sets (consisting of tube shapers type FI-FST, if necessary with internal tube support FI-ID, as well as clamping jaws type FI-FB) are available for metric tubes with diameters and wall thicknesses between 6x1.5 and 42x4 (in the Light Series) or 38x6 (in the Heavy Series). One tool set therefore always contains the tools required for forming exactly one defined tube dimension.

In addition, only shipping costs for the delivery of the machine to a location defined by you are charged. These costs will be quoted individually by the STAUFF Support in the course of the hire process. Depending on the type and extent of contamination, an additional service fee may be charged by STAUFF after the return of the machine. The minimum hire period for both hire models is one week.

Submit Hire Request

You can easily submit a hire request via the product page of the SFO-F-A-A-IOT tube forming machine at www.stauff.com. In addition to purchasing the machine, you can choose between the two hire models mentioned above.

The further processing of your hire request takes place together in dialogue with the STAUFF Support, who will contact you immediately after the completion of the hire process on www.stauff.com.

Questions about the Hire Process?

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