Full range of imperial and nominal bore tubes 3602 CFS 360 up to 2-inch NB made of carbon steel stainless for precision applications. Other specialist materials are available to contract, including cupronickel 70/30, 90/10, and copper BS287/C106. All metric stocks are specified to DIN 2391/C 37 .4NBK for outer tube diameters between 4mm and 42mm.


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Mild Steel Imperial
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Mild Steel Metric
Mild Steel Metric

STAUFF Metric & Nominal Bore Tubes

The STAUFF Tube product group contains a complete, high-quality range of stainless steel and carbon steel (mild steel) tubing for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. This includes imperial and nominal bore tubes 3602 CFS 360 up to 2-inch NB, and metric tubes ST 37.4NBK with outer diameters ranging from 4mm to 42mm in accordance with DIN 2391/C.

They are highly recognised for their workability, versatility, and exceptional stress resistance properties. The tubes can withstand pressure, do not deform after cold bending, and do not crack after flaring and flattening.

The Mild Steel Metric product range is available with Zista® Seal or Phosphate coating to enable long-term use by increasing corrosion resistance and preventing cracking.

The Mild Steel Imperial self-colour tubing has no pre-applied coating or finish, which is ideal for those planning to weld or coat the material. This type of tubing is often used for similar installations to red-oxide-painted tubes for oils, fuels, and fire protection.

The Bright Annealed Stainless Steel Imperial/Metric tubing has an extremely smooth surface to increase corrosion resistance and provides an effective sealing surface for outer tube connectors and accessories.

We can offer alternative products and sizes. This includes special coatings and metals such as cupronickel 70/30, 90/10 and copper BS287/C106. These options are available upon request.

STAUFF Guarantees prompt service, even for customised solutions bespoke to customer's specifications or based on our in-house development. The STAUFF Tube product range is undoubtedly the best solution when dimensional accuracy, sturdiness, and quality surface conditions are required.


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STAUFF provides direct access to a comprehensive range of products with more than 50,000 individual standard hydraulic components in 10 product groups for mechanical and plant engineering and for industrial service and maintenance. In addition, STAUFF is also able offer individually designed system and special solutions according to customer's requirements.

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